Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you know about three tallest buildings in the world?

Current three tallest buildings in the world are
1) Taipei 101 @ 509.2m
2) Shanghai World Financial Center @ 492.0m
3) Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC) @ 451.9m

If we compare these three buildings with Sears Tower, we can conclude that Sears Tower is the current tallest building in the world. However, according to CTBUH spires are considered integral parts of the architectural design of buildings.

Any changes of spires would substantially change the appearance and design of the building. But antennas may be added or removed without such consequences.

Therefore, Sears Tower's 'official height' is counted up to 442m (without adding the building's antenna height). So, that's the reason why Taipei 101 is the current highest building in the world.

Summarized from Wikipedia's Website

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Johnny Ong said...

burj dubai will be no.1 anytime when they finishes construction

wan said...

Yup. Quite true. Soon to be the tallest, Burj Dubai.

Muhd Naim said...

cool.. said...

all those website win with their long antenna on top of the building... lolz

wan said...

Plus, the actual height of Burj Dubai is kept secret until now!

Only to be known by public when the construction is done.