Friday, November 28, 2008

KAMI Untuk Filem


TITLE :KAMI Untuk Filem
SCREENWRITER :Fariza Azlina Isahak
BOOK EDITOR :Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar
PAGES :156
PUBLISHER :Matahari Books
YEAR :2008
ISBN :9834359638
PRICE :RM 30.00
AVAILABLE AT :MPH, Borders, Times, Kinokuniya
NOTES :It is a limited edition book, 1000 copies. No reprints.


Those who like to be an actor or actress can read this book as the book is the complete screenplay for Kami The Movie. It has bonus stuff like essays and interviews. Plus, who likes Kami The Movie, this book is a memorabilia.

I wish, it is a novel instead. I wish!

7.0/10 - I like Kami The Movie, but not sure if i like this book. Coz, the book is a screenplay for the movie. I'm just not into it. I would prefer if the book is a novel instead. However, it is a unique, first time i think the local film has this type of book; screenplay book for public. 

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