Friday, November 14, 2008

MAHATHIR MOHAMAD - an illustrated biography

TITLE :MAHATHIR MOHAMAD - an illustrated biography
PAGES :123
PUBLISHER :MPH Publishing Sdn Bhd
YEAR :2008
ISBN :9789833698943
PRICE :RM 15.90

NOTES :There is an error of fact bout Dr M's birthday. In this book it is stated that he was born on Dec 20, 1925. This date is actually his official date of birth but his actual date of birth is July 10, 1925.


The author of this book, E Yu is trying to tell bout Dr M's background, his visions and also his contributions Malaysia, which entitles Dr M as the Malaysian Modernized Father. This book is in cartoon format which appeals to both children and senior citizens.

Not much of Dr M's political stories ie bout how many Deputy Prime Ministers he had? How was his 1987's UMNO's Presidentcy Election

7.5/10 - I like this book. But it will be better if all the other significant events related to our ex- premier are included in this book. This book is recommended to those who wants to know bout Dr M's generally. And also to the children, they will love the humorous yet informative cartoons by the author!

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TNH said...

so does the picture illustrate anything about doctor M? because i can't see anything fromt there

wan said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my site. The answer for you question is; it is a biography in cartoon style. It's nice and not so expensive. How bout u try to buy it. Seems i'm promoting for ya, E Yu. haha.

Since i cant scan and publish all the pages, so i decided to show 1 page for the reader to judge whether the E Yu's artwork is worth or not.

BTW, i've put some info, which is E Yu, doesnt quite aware. Dr M's birthday was on July not Oct 1925.

zulkarnain said...


Interesting input.

I also purchase this book last month. I too thought that the author, E.Yu, had made an error on Tun actual birthday date. But alas, if you look carefully at the panel concerned, you will notice that the actual birtday date is written on the baby itself. So small that you had to use a magnifying glass to see it. In fact, this book is fill with many extra readings, that is if you take the trouble to look through all the pages with magnifying glass.

Quite amusing, I think.

wan said...

Hi Zulkarnain,

U r rite!. Quite amuzing. The author did spend some efforts for his readers. That's good and i bet readers will appreciate his effort.

I would like to think this "extra feature" as a bonus for readers.

p/s Thanks Zulkarnain for sharing this info.