Monday, December 15, 2008

Another 10 sen drop in price of fuel

The price of fuel is reduced further by 10 sen a litre from midnight tonight. The price of RON97 is now RM1.80 from RM1.90 and RON92 at RM1.70 (from RM1.70) and diesel at RM1.70 (from RM1.80).

Taken from NST Online

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Baby said...

my car still got minyak..

wan said...

My advice is, keep ur car fuel as minimum u can esp during 10h till 20th of the month. Coz this is when the gov likely to review the fuel prices.

Shafiq Hakim said...

Fuel tank still full too XP

Anyway, no point waiting every month too as the following month there will be another price reduction.

Recently it was brought to light that the fuel price in our country still doesn't reflect the true market price.

Govt making some RM20m per day from fuel tradings. So I'm sure there will be further drop in fuel price.

My 2 cents worth? Just use like you normally do =)

wan said...

Yup, we can say dat, the our fuel prices are bit higher than they shud be.

ie Last week, i was in Bandung, the petrol price for the Indonesians was Rupiah 5500 (about RM1.83) when ours was RM1.90.

Do ur math urself. hehe. Wat we can do is trying not to fuel up the car today if we know dat the price will goin down the day after today. hehe