Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do you want to know bout Price List for Food in Malaysia

Are you price consicious ? Do you always compare prices before, you are decided to buy things? Imagine, how could you go to several shops or markets, just to compare the prices. Time consuming! Why do you do as what i've done lately; check the prices before going to market. 

Below are the 4 steps on how could get your price list of food (or groceries to be precise):

Price list for either Hypermarket or Supermarket

1)Go to KPDNHEP's website;
2)At main menu, click 'Price List' icon.
3)Then, click Price Watch and select which state's pricing do you want to review
4)Finally, you can chose to select either Hypermarket or Supermarket. In my case, i choose Hypermarket

*>icon of 'Price List'>Price Watch>Negeri Sembilan>Hypermarket -and you will get this:

Grocery Prices Guide:

1)Go to KPDNHEP's website;
2)At main menu, click 'Price List' icon.
3)Then, click 'Senarai Harga Mingguan' and select which state's pricing of grocery guide pricing do you want to review.
4)Voila, you can scroll the prices.

*>icon of 'Price List'>Senarai >Negeri Sembilan(Seremban) -and you will get this:

A good initiative by the goverment, in order to stabilize the market and also to guide the buyer on the pricing of food. By having  such info, buyer will know which hypermarket or supermaket offer the better prices of food.

May be, KPDNHEP can encourage more hypermarket or supermarket to participate and give info regarding their food's prices. Even, may be in the future, small market can give their prices to KPDNHEP to be published in the internet.

7.0 - It's still new initiative by KPDNHEP, and can be improved from time to time. Personally, i think this initiave is good in guiding us, the buyer bout the prices of good especially food's prices.


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