Friday, January 9, 2009

Israeli Product? American Product? Malaysian Product? How to know the origin country of your product, by using barcode?

Have you heard bout barcode? Barcode by the definition is an optical machine-readable representation of data. Barcode originally is invented for the purpose of better automated customer purchasing.

Nowadays, almost all the products in the market or even our local small shops have a barcode. Do you know what’s information can your extract from the barcode actually?

The 3 intial numbers of the barcode can represent the country of the product's origin. You can click this link for barcode prefix;

And we can trace the company that produces the product by visiting this link. However, sometimes the barcode of the product doesnt represent of the real owner of the manufucture of the product as the 3 initial barcode number of the product represent where the product is being produce under license of the real owner, at other country.

For instance, the real owner of the product is from America but the product is produced in other country such as Malaysia.

Here are the steps of checking the origin of the product by using the barcode:

1) Look up for the barcode product

2) Go to this website;

3) Type out the barcode number, select the "Trade Item Ownership" and enter search button

4) Voila, u got the information

*No harm of trying to check the barcode as atleast we might now the country origin of the product. Happy trying! And may be u can came across to Australian product, American product, Brittish product or even Israeli product. Who knows!

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Baby said...

who so free to check every product woh?

wan said...

At least u know, which country will your money will go. :P

sabahking said...

i agree with Baby !!not time go to check this type of thing !!

wan said...

sabahking, a good debate bout it is worth or not of checking the product origin.

actually, knowledge nowadays can be said as equal to money or even power.

by knowing the barcode, at least we know the manufacturer of the product. then we might know
1)the quality of the product
2)which country the product is produced

and lets say some country has an epidemic, by checking the barcode we may just leave the product at the shelf, and take the product which is safer; doesnt have the epidemic in the latter country.

see, my point is, every knowledge is worth to be learned. even a knowledge bout barcode.

that's the reason we have information technology revolution after we had industrial revolution before.

btw, its up to ppl, to think whether that particular info is vital for them or not.

Jason Law said...

Oh...nice information man~ The first 3 digits right?

Johnny Ong said...

even though it cld be from israel or usa, the products are being marketed by a m'sian company. selecting not to buy such products will cause the m'sian company to close down, not the israel or usa company

wan said...

Jason Law, yup 1st 3 digit of the barcode.

wan said...

Johnny Ong, My post is actually bout barcode. What information can you get from the barcode itself.

BTW, bout boycotting, it is up to the person whether he/she wants to boycott or not.

It's democratic here in Malaysia. Other ppl's opinions might influence us, but shall not force us to do something that we dont want.

IMHO, it's up to the person if he/she want to buy or not any product from certain countries. Everyone has reasons for doing so.