Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking Dawn; The Twilight Saga

TITLE :Breaking Dawn
WRITER :Stephenie Meyer
PAGES :756
PUBLISHER :Little, Brown and Company
YEAR :2008
ISBN :9780316032148
PRICE :RM 49.90
AVAILABLE AT :MPH Bookstores, Popular

SYNOPSIS :Bella and Edward are married, Bella discovers she is pregnant during their honeymoon. Her pregnancy progresses rapidly, she nearly dies giving birth to Renesmee, a half-vampire-half-human daughter. To save her, Edward injects Bella with his venom. Now Bella becomes a vampire. However, a vampire mistakes Renesmee as an "immortal child" which existance violates vampire rules. The Cullens try to convice Volturi that Renesmee poss no danger to vampires secret.


In this book, it concludes how important is families in our life. Without them, life is nothing.

As always, happy ending.

7.1/10 -Not bad. But i think the first book, Twilight is the best among these all books. Bu8t the last book is the second best. Personally i think the saga is good and worth for reading and be in your collection books.

*The Twilight series is popular among young adults, having sold over 40 million copies worldwide Translated with into 37 different languages around the world. In fact, the four twilight series books were the biggest selling novels of 2008.

-ATT: This is the last Twilight' book.

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The Cullen said...

yeah i was looking the info about the price of breaking dawn ,then i found ur blog from a google search i made.thnx a lot.u did help me.gonna get the latest chapter of twilight saga today i think hehe

im also undergoing my practical rite now at oil n gas we both had a common in engineering field n also as man utd fan hehe

wan said...

The nice feelin is there, when my deed or shud i say my words do help people. :)

Hope u do enjoy ur intern. And good luck!

Man utd rule!