Saturday, July 25, 2009

Government to promote skills and high income for Malaysians

BUTTERWORTH: Malaysia will no longer bank on cheap labour to attract foreign investors.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the Government would instead promote the skills and capabilities of the Malaysian workforce to draw in investments.

“The country’s cheap labour model had given Malaysia an advantage in attracting investments in the past,” he told reporters at the Tasek Gelugor parliamentary constituency’s Rakan Alam Sekitar programme launch-cum-gotong royong Saturday.

“But we want to create a concept to ensure that Malaysians obtain high income based on innovation, creativity and added value.”

Nor Mohamed said it was the Government’s objective, commitment and desire to ensure that Malaysians lived in a more comfortable environment.

“We will find a way to create a situation that, in the coming years, all Malaysians can live comfortably with a high income.”

Nor Mohamed, who is also the Tasek Gelugor MP, said maintaining a healthy environment was an important aspect of comfortable living.

“If we do not give due attention to the environment, the situation may worsen in years to come,” he added.

Nor Mohamed said the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry had taken several initiatives to clean up polluted rivers and promote environment consciousness among the people.

He said the Rakan Alam Sekitar programme, which involved local leaders, non-governmental organisations and the community, encouraged the people to show greater responsibility for the environment.

Taken from The Star Online

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Iriene said...

Tks for sharing an informative piece of article. All the best!

Loke said...

first thing first: the gov should have set a min wage so people won't need to work 100 hours just for RM5 per hour.