Friday, July 19, 2013

Fancy Malaysian Kuih at 10 sen each?

ALOR SETAR: A Ramadan bazaar trader here is selling seven types of kuih for only 10 sen each.

Norhayati Mohamad, 51, said she can still make some profit despite the low price.

“I set the 10 sen price 19 years ago and it has remained the same over the years,” said Norhayati, who operates the stall outside Stadium Darulaman here.

Among the delicacies she sells for 10 sen are corn fritters, mini doughnuts, mini curry puffs with potato filling and also mini buns with spicy anchovy filling.

“The kuih is not too small. It is slightly bigger than a 50 sen coin. I have many customers who buy the kuih in large quantities,” she said.

Norhayati said many customers were taken aback by the low price since most kuih at Ramadan bazaars were sold at RM1 for either three or four pieces.

“I am able to sell cheap because I make them myself with help from my children,” she said.

Norhayati, who stays at Taman Wira Mergong, said she prepares the ingredients for the kuih from 4am daily and would fry them at the bazaar.

“I use over 30kg of flour daily. I can sell thousands of kuih daily,” she said.

Declining to reveal her profits, Norhayati said it was not enough to feed her family.

“Since Ramadan is a month of giving, it is my intention to do charity while doing business,” she said.

*Taken from The Star Online

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