Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Malaysia: How dodol's done

TRADITIONAL DELICACY: Slaving over a hot firewood stove, stirring dodol to perfection is no easy task. But there are those who persist in ensuring the art of making this sweet, traditional festive treat is kept alive. Dodol maker Sazwira Sulaiman, who runs the Hajjah Wan Sabariah dan Keluarga -- Dodol dan Serunding in Lemal, Kota Baru, is among them. People come from near and far for his family's dodol as he claims the taste is "different". The dodol comes in several flavours, including pandan and durian and can be bought in packages or by weight. Sazwira, who has been in the dodol-making business for 20 years and employs 20 workers, says he sells his much-famed dodol at RM9 per kg. Pictures and story by Fathil Asri

1) Santan or coconut milk is an important ingredient in dodol.

2) Egg and pandan paste is combined. This is to flavour the dodol.

3) Santan and flour is stirred over a fire.

4) Sugar is another ingredient.

5) It is important to keep watch to ensure the fire continues to burn when stirring dodol.

6) Suzarmaisha Sulaiman, 38, stirring a batch of almost cooked dodol at her home along the Pasir Mas-Rantau Panjang highway.

7) The family makes dodol largely via traditional means, but also relies on new technology as well.

8) It's ready. Cooked dodol is left overnight before being packaged.

9) Cooled and all ready to be packed.

10) Dodol being cut into slabs to be packaged then later sold according to weight.

*Taken from NST Online

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