Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taman Molej graffiti: Zacharevic's mugger "is arrested"

Passers-by taking photographs of the graffiti with the policeman as a new addition
JOHOR BARU: A clever addition has been made to the controversial graffiti by Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic in Taman Molek here.

The art piece gained positive and negative attention with its knife-wielding man waiting at a street corner to attack a woman walking down the street with a handbag.

This morning, residents and passers-by welcomed an interesting addition to the art.

Someone has drawn a figure of a policeman holding handcuffs and standing behind the thief.

An ardent fan of Zacharevic, Fung Lee Jean, 55, was delighted when she discovered the addition.

“I wanted to take pictures with the graffiti art and was surprised by the addition,” she said adding that a lot of people had gathered there to snap a picture as a momento.

Meanwhile, at around 9.30am Wednesday, Zacharevic posted on his Facebook page a picture showing two men in the midst of drawing a figure of a police officer next to the knife-wielding man

The two men are seen squatting on the roadside and painting the image while a woman looks on.

Zacharevic said in the post, "Now that's true vandalism! Malaysia never fails to amuse me."

*Taken from The Star Online

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