Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CNY: ‘Lap chun’ actual start of new zodiac year

Egg-static: Lim Choon Guan (left), 14, with his aunt Lim Pei Hoon (right) and daughter Goh Yi Fei trying to place the eggs vertically.

GEORGE TOWN: Unknown to many, lap chun (beginning of spring) actually marks the start of a new zodiac year, said TDR House of Geomancy founder Chang Kim Hua.

“The Year of the Horse officially started at 6.18am today (yesterday).

“Many Chinese thought that the first day of the lunar calendar records a change of a new Chinese zodiac year, but according to geomancy, the actual day only starts on lap chun. Lap chun usually falls on the fourth or fifth day of February of the Gregorian calendar. In the olden days, the Chinese would use lap chun as a time for them to start farming,” he said yesterday.

Chang added that the Year of Horse was a double lap chun year, which means the first lap chun fell on the fifth day of Chinese New Year (yesterday) while the other day would be on the 16th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar (Feb 4 next year).

“Some people like to marry off their children on a double lap chun year which they believed is a good year. The next double lap chun will be in 2017.”

Many people also believe that on lap chun eggs, can be placed to stand vertically due to the strong force from heaven,” he added.

Chang said there are two days in a year – lap chun and the fifth day of the fifth month of lunar calendar (Duanwu or the Dragon Boat Festival) – when eggs can stand vertically.

“According to Chinese myth, those who pray or start their farming on that day, will be blessed.”

*Taken from The Star Online

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