Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kg Parit Jerman’s residents happy to see Germany as champs

PONTIAN:The winning goal scored by Germany’s Mario Gotze against Argentina in the 113th minute was greeted with joy by residents of Kampung Parit Jerman, during the final match of the 2014 World Cup shown here early this morning.

Shouts of ‘goal’ broke the stillness of the dawn, as the Muslim community was busy for the pre-dawn meal, followed by loud applause from the more than 50 residents who were present to watch the final match on a screen at the village.

“We are very happy with the victory and are satisfied that Germany, which is also the name of our village, had shown good playing quality,” said the Area (1) Village Head, Mukim Ayer Masin, Mohd Asri Ali.

Germany’s advance to the final of the prestigious World Cup competition had raised up the name of Kampung Parit Jerman in the website to the extent that it had become the focus of the local media.

When met during the live telecast of the match where the famous food of the Javanese community, ‘nasi ambeng’, was served together with durian, mangosteen and local cakes, Mohd Asri said previously he did not expect the village to also benefit from the World Cup.

“We can see that many people stop at the slip road at the entrance to the village to take photograph at the signboard with the name of the village. Many people already know the village,” said Mohd Asri.

Now, the villagers intend to collect fund to erect an arch to facilitate those who wished to visit the village.

He said that a special feast would be held in the early part of Hari Raya to celebrate the victory of the German team.

Kampung Parit Jerman, located near Kampung Belokok, is about five kilometres from Pekan Peradin and has 100 residents comprising the Javanese, Bugis and Banjar communities.

The village was given its name because there was evidence of the presence of the German community who came to trade and opened the agricultural area in Sungai Peradin in the past.

It was said that the village was a transit camp for the German soldiers provided by their ally, Japan, who were based in Singapore, besides Kampung Parit Jerman in Sitiawan, Perak and a base in Penang during the Second World War.

*Taken from NST Online

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