Friday, November 13, 2015

KL-Karak Highway: Traveling the KL-Karak Highway? Here are the three alternative routes to take

BENTONG: Three options have been made available to motorists who have to ply the Kuala Lumpur - East Coast route, in the light of the closure of a section of the KL-Karak Highway due to a mudslide. 

In a statement today, the Public Works Department said both sides of the affected stretch remain closed off to traffic to facilitate cleanup works. 

It said the first option for KL-bound motorists is to travel via Pelangai (FT09) to Batu Kikir (FT09), then to Seremban (FT51) and onward to KL. 

As for the second option, motorists can use Pelangai (FT09) to Simpang Pertang (FT09), to Kuala Kelawang (FT086) to Seremban (FT51) and finally to KL. 

A third route was opened from 11am today. This would take motorists through Bentong to KL via the KL- Bentong (FT068) trunk road. 

Vehicles from the Bentong toll plaza would now have to take a detour through this trunk route to head to KL. 

Meanwhile, vehicles from KL would have to use the Jalan Bentong Lama route from Jalan Gombak. 

However this route is restricted only to light vehicles. It will only be open during the day from 7am to 6pm, due to incidences of erosion on the stretch. The road is being monitored by the Public Works Department.

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