Tuesday, November 15, 2016

MRT Sg Buloh – Kajang fares to start at RM1, maximum of RM6.40

KUALA LUMPUR: The fares for the MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang (MRT SBK) service will begin from RM1 for a single stop, based on the cashless fare structure, topping out at RM6.40. 

The lowest single stop fare based on the cash fare structure is at RM1.10, between the Pasar Seni and Merdeka stations. 

The MRT SBK operated under Rapid KL, will see a maximum fare set at RM6.40 based on the cash fare structure, and RM5.50 based on the cashless fare structure. It will cover the full distance between Sungai Buloh and Kajang, spanning 51 kilometres, across 31 stations. 

Phase 1 of the MRT SBK is expected to be operational from Dec 16, covering 12 stations between Sungai Buloh and Semantan. 

Phase 2 of the MRT SBK will cover the remaining 19 stations between Semantan and Kajang and is scheduled for operations next July. 

“The fare structure has been approved by the government and is based on the nominal flag fall and cascading rates for every four to five kilometres travelled – similar with the fare structure of the LRT and monorail services operated by Rapid Rail, a subsidiary of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad,” said Rapid Rail Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Zohari Sulaiman. 

In a statement issued today, he said the full details on the MRT fare structure will be available at Rapid KL’s official website at www.myrapid.com.my. 

The full fare structure will also be displayed at all MRT stations for commuters’ reference, he added. 

“Similar to the practice in the Rapid KL LRT, monorail, and bus services, we would extend 50 per cent discount on the cash fare to senior citizens, students, and people with disabilities (OKU) who travel on the MRT and the MRT feeder bus services. 

“Children below seven travel for free,” said Zohari. 

As Phase 1 of MRT SBK would be operating independently, without integration with the existing LRT and monorail lines, Zohari said MRT commuters would pass through the automated fare collection gates using cash tokens or Touch n’ Go cards only. 

“Senior citizens, students, and OKU may purchase the red-coloured concession tokens from the Customer Service Office at each MRT station,” Zohari said.

 He added that senior citizens, students, and OKU only need to show their NRIC, student card (if not in uniform), or OKU card when boarding the MRT feeder buses to enjoy the 50 per cent discount. 

“The nominal fare for the MRT feeder bus services is set at RM1 per trip,” said Zohari, adding that 120 MRT feeder buses covering 26 routes would be deployed to cover all 12 MRT stations opened under Phase 1. Zohari added that MyRapid cards, which are being used in the Rapid KL LRT, monorail and bus services, would be upgraded in phases prior to the opening of Phase 2 of MRT SBK next July.

 “We will update our customers progressively over the coming months,” said Zohari, adding that final preparations are being made for the first 12 stations to be opened by mid-December.

*Taken from NST Online

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